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The Men's Health Little Book Of Exercises

RRP $35.99

Based on the wildly-successful Men's Health Big Book of Exercises, this portable handbook offers readers step-by-step instructions (complete with colour photos) on how to perfectly execute the best fat-torching, muscle-building exercises known to man. This essential workout guide is for anyone who wants to lose weight fast and build a better body. And now it's more useful than ever before!

Complete with fast, effective workouts for home use or to take to the gym, this easy-to-tote packages gives readers access to their favourite routines wherever they go. The guidebook details "main moves" for targeting each major muscle group and then shows readers how to perform variations of each exercise that make the moves more challenging and effective. Arrowed captions identify key tips and performance pointers while sidebars and boxes offer extras likes these highlights: The best core exercises to score a sculped six pack

  • Body-weight workouts that can be done anywhere
  • Surpising foods that build muscle
  • Super snacks for a lean body and the biggest nutrition myths, busted
  • Plus tips that help readers improve their bench press and vertical jump and add inches to their arms

About the Author

Adam Campbell is the fitness director for Men's Health. He is a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning coach. He lives in Allentown, PA.

Get Fit, Healthy And Staying That Way, 40+

RRP $14.99

Get Fit, Healthy and Stay That Way 40+ Don't be afraid of asking for help when you're looking to improve your weight, fitness, or recover from some form of debilitating lifestyle condition, especially when you're 40+. Where you haven't completed any exercise in a while, this book is a great tool to help you understand the simple steps required for starting a fitness plan - and, most importantly, how to get started. I will not make false promises of magic fat loss or meteoric fitness gains. Rather, I'll help you understand how each part of your lifestyle can be adjusted to help you achieve those changes necessary for good, long term, sustainable improvement. Your age is irrelevant. Male or female doesn't matter. What is essential is your commitment to get fit, healthy and stay that way as you age. Your benefits: Improve your weight Have more energy Reduced risk of heart disease and cancer Enjoy a more invigorating lifestyle The book is divided into a logical step-by-step approach which, when followed, will support you to ensure your changes are organised - and how they interact with each other in a way that helps you achieve success. Actions: Start with an honest assessment of your current health and fitness Record your measurements and fitness tests Set goals which you can measure Decide on an exercise plan and find out which exercises are best for you Review your diet and nutrition to understand what changes will help you If you are overweight and have been inactive for any period of time your risk of developing heart or kidney problems, diabetes and cancers, is considerably higher than it should be according to The World Health Organisation WHO and the NHS. In this book I am going to show you how your exercise activity helps you to take control or your lifestyle and benefit from improved health and fitness. I want to see you being able to run around with the kids, feel better about your body and enjoy a new energy for life. This can be achieved if you trust yourself. If you struggle you can tell me about it. We can share your unique experience and I can help you succeed as I offer follow up advice or training programmes online if you need additional support.

Health Primal Living

RRP $18.99

Do You Want To Feel Better, Look Better, And Get Healthier? Discover How To Live And Eat Like A Caveman To Become Healthier And Change Your Life... Are you looking to get into better shape? Maybe you want to lose weight for health reasons, or maybe you need to lose weight for medical reasons? If you're like many people, you've probably tried a little bit of everything... Maybe you've seen some results here and there, but they just don't seem to last... That's because... Modern Diets And Fitness Programs Just Don't Work... If you've followed the fitness and health industries over the past few years, they're always coming out with something new... Things like exercise machines, supplements, and low-fat diets are commonplace in the world of fitness... But, unfortunately, none of that ever seems to work. Researchers and nutritionists have made some miraculous discoveries recently that show that these high-tech methods for getting in shape, losing weight, and supposedly becoming healthier may be doing the opposite... That's right... Many of the diet plans and fitness programs out there may be doing more harm than good... In fact, some of them might actually be hurting your health and causing you to gain weight! Most of the health problems we face are due to our modern lifestyle... We were never meant to sit at desk for hours on end each day. We were meant to be much more active... The solution to better health and wellness is NOT adding more supplements or eating diet foods that don't provide us with the nutrients that we really need... To get healthier, you must get back to the "basics..." And when I say "basics," I mean getting back to what worked for humans thousands of years ago... Back to the age of the caveman. How Living Like A Caveman Can Change Your Health And Your Life... If you haven't heard of "primal living," you're about to discover just how powerful it can be to improving your health, losing weight, and getting healthier... You see, our ancestors didn't sit at desks all day... they didn't have any... They didn't eat processed foods. They didn't eat foods packed with sugar. They didn't need to worry about taking supplements... They weren't obese. They weren't dying of cancer and heart disease... That's because, they used their bodies as they were intended and the foods that they ate provided them with fuel to live... ...they weren't gorging themselves on worthless foods as a pastime... The good news is... It's very possible to adapt the "primal" way of life into your lifestyle and see major improvements in your weight, the way you feel, and your overall health very quickly. And the best part about living and eating like a caveman is you don't have to eat gross diet foods, starve yourself, or take supplements... you may not even look at going to the gym the same way you used to... ...heck, you may not even need to go to the gym. If you're tired of fad diets that just don't seem to work or give you lasting results, you should take a close look at "going primal." Because of all of the misinformation out there about primal living, I've put together the ultimate guide on embracing the primal lifestyle and getting massive results... as quickly as possible...

Women's Fitness

RRP $15.99

Have you considered Getting in Shape? Would you like to look Super Lean? If you want to Tone Up, Lose Fat and look Amazing Naked without fat loss pills and throwing precious time and hard-earned money down the drain at the gym...then read on. This book combines 6 Weeks of Weight Training, Cardio, Yoga and the secret weapon - Intermittent Fasting to create a Turbo Charged regime to get LEAN. Combine these elements and we take you to a whole new level is burning fat and sculpting the body FAST. Or put it another way - we will create an amazingly leaner sexier body and reveal the best body you always had! 6 Reasons to Make this Book an Essential Part of Getting An Amazing Body: 1) A Full 6 week regime that you can repeat designed to sculpt and lean up your body. 2) Varied and Challenging Workouts include - Weight Training, Cardio Workouts and Yoga 3) 6 Week Guide of what to eat with nutritious values each meal provides, especially the protein needed to burn away fat and retain muscle. 4) Build muscle tone, regulate your cardio heart levels, and even learn to be flexible via yoga sessions. 5) Learn about your own body by exercising, nutrition, see progress, learn how to master your workouts to benefit you. 6) Tips, Tricks and easy Hacks to Turbo Charge your weight loss Do you already train but aren't getting the results you deserve? Have you been wanting to get back into shape? Do you long to get into shape and have that envious glance of your friends and the guys? Well read on. What is Intermittent Fasting? Fasting crushes your eating time into a shorter period of 8 hours. This means that you don't eat at all during the other 16 hours. However this is where the magic happens. Once you push the body into a fasted state we begin to reap the benefits of Intermittent Fasting: --Insulin levels: Blood levels of insulin drop significantly, which aids fat burning. --Human growth hormone: The blood levels of growth hormone may increase as much as 5-fold. Higher levels of this hormone facilitate fat burning and muscle gain, and have many other benefits. --Cellular repair: The body induces important cellular repair processes, such as removing waste material from cells. --Gene expression: There are beneficial changes in several genes and molecules related to longevity and protection against disease. All amazing benefits to your body, all helping lose fat. Now we add the fitness elements, a detailed weights and cardio workout plus Yoga and we are on the road to a sexy body. Curious? This is a Fun, Challenging and Life Affirmingly Progressive workout - This will help you achieve that body you've always wanted. Your own health begins with you saying two words 'I can' - Imagine what people will be saying about how you look a month and a half from now? Let's do this together!

Health Care, Technology, And The Competitive Environment

RRP $256.99

Examining the combined impact of technology and the increasingly competitive market on the delivery and financing of health care, this volume makes a significant contribution to an issue of major importance to the American people. Health care has become a major industry that is changing rapidly and strikingly. This contributor volume focuses on the interplay among technology, the changing environment of health care, and its implications for future technological innovation. Particular focus is placed on the hospital in light of changes in federal funding (Medicare's prospective payment system, using diagnosis-related groups) with its orientation towards cost efficiency and cost-reducing technology. Academics, practitioners, and government personnel involved in hospital management, health care, and policy will find this volume a major resource. This book is a collection of 18 papers by leading authorities inspired by the 1987 Conference on Health Technology Adoption in a DRG Age. It is divided into four sections: Technology and Health Care Content; Technology and the Health Care Organization; Technology and the Changing Environment; Implications for Technology Policy


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