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A Positively Healthier Lifestyle

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Boost your confidence building, ditch the diet and feel awesome, your journal has been designed by by Mark McIntyre, the author of the 'A Positively Healthier Lifestyle' ;This Journal ; A Positively Healthier Lifestyle - Positivity Journal Is designed to work alongside the bookA Positively Healthier Lifestyle * Enjoy a fitter life on your terms * Heightened personal confidence * Improved motivation * Heightened focus * Freedom from 'diets' * Improved weight control * Enhanced body shape * Positive habit forming * Improved physical fitness * Greater well-being * Sustained higher energy This journal is designed to work with the book 'A Positively Healthier Lifestyle' Available from By Mark McIntyre positivity coach

Fitness, Health & Longevity A Personal Journey

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FITNESS, HEALTH AND LONGEVITY A Personal Journey is my story about the passion I have for fitness and exercise and to provide information that I feel is useful in today's fast pace world. It's more than illustrations and descriptions of exercises. It's my desire to share the amazing changes that happen to people, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.
From witnessing teenage high school students experience, for the first time, their strength potential, to those who are middle age on the edge of becoming a candidate for requiring prescription medication to needing no medication at all, and finally seniors who were fragile become fit, energetic and agile is so extremely motivation that I became inspired to undertake this project and share it with you.
FITNESS, HEALTH AND LONGEVITY A Personal Journey takes you into my life as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and a person whose life changed dramatically once my calling was realized and fulfilled. I share my discovery that because we all are body, mind and spirit, you too can expect dramatic changes in your life.
Time to sit back, relax and enjoy reading this book. Then check with your health care provider, get up off your backside, start moving, and enjoy your personal journey to fitness, health and longevity.

Health Hacks

RRP $16.99

What is "Health Hacking"?

Easy. Health Hacking is the answer. It's the quickest and the most effective way to blow through the fluff and get to the goods.See, if you've learned anything in life, you know that there is one certainty: complication. Our bodies are complicated, our minds are complicated, and when push comes to shove, there's just too much stuff going on. Everywhere. And every time.

So hack it. Stop waiting around like all the other slowpokes and get to the prize. Don't squander your hours, your days, your years of life on this planet waiting around for healthy living. If you seek to live smarter, feel better, and blow the others away-forget what you're 'supposed to do.' Learn the DIY techniques that will improve your mood, manage your stress, boost your health & fitness, and lead to a longer, healthier, more vibrant life TODAY.

Feel good and feel good about feeling good. Master the health hacks, master the life hacks, master the hacks that will boost your life immediately.

Hack your health today.

Health Hacks: 46 Hacks to Improve Your Mood, Boost Your Performance, and Guarantee a Longer, Healthier, More Vibrant Life (A Preview)


Chew Away the Fat The Ultimate Sugar Substitute Liquid Metabolism Cool-don't burn-the fat off! Armpit Garnish Less L Bsss, More Z Z Zsss Don't "Diet." Diet! Less is More and More is Less Drink the Ocean Creating a 'Museum of Memories' Tart Recovery Carbs are Good! Sleep like Superman Maximize Vitamin Absorption the Natural Way Forget the Pill The Truth About Egg Yolks The T-Factor Squash Your Blood Pressure Nature's Smart Drug Exam Cram Immune Vision Meatless Protein Sinus Relief Now! Green Skin for the Win The Sweetest Solution Shampoo Alternatives Hiccup Hack Blow Anxiety Away Brain Loops Sunburn Healing The Fruit That Cleans Teeth! Hack your Head Going 'Mad Men' Hack the Gag Allergic to Weight Loss Peanut Butter Shave The Angry Hand Uncomfortably Creative The Energy Rub Sedentary Garlic Hydration Hack Points Face your Feelings. Literally Caffeinated Power Naps Eat Away Your Cramp Teabaggin' It Allergy Hacks

Tags: DIY, diy natural remedies, health & fitness, life hacks, stress management techniques, healthy living, stress management

Twenty Fitness Tips

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This book was written to give inspiration for a healthier lifestyle. It was also written to help others with the struggles that I too had with working out and how to stay motivated. I want you to use this book as a guide to positive changes that can be made to improve your mental outlook and perception of working out. This book gives real life success stories that will hopefully motivate you in your work out habits.

Mental Health And Productivity In The Workplace

RRP $243.99

Mental Health and Productivity in the Workplace is a comprehensive and practical guide to identifying, understanding, preventing, and resolving individual and organizational mental health problems in the workplace. Originally published as Mental Health in the Workplace (Van Nostrand/Wiley, 1993), this completely revised, updated, and expanded edition represents the most current thinking in the field and contains contributions from an expert panel of organizational and occupational psychiatrists. With fifty percent more chapters, this new edition adds essential material on creating systems and cultures that encourage organizational productivity and employee mental health and on finding cost-effective,quality mental health care. The book focuses on problems that start "at the top" (executive dysfunction) as well as on the effects of organizational structure, office politics, chronic change, downsizing and employment uncertainty, office wide emotional crises, and aspects of organizational development. In addition, this helpful resource includes information about such basic issues as anxiety, stress, burnout, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and psychosis.


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