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High Intensity Interval Training - Hiit

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For a short time this eBook will be drastically discounted by 80% to just $0.99! The regular price is listed at $4.99 so download your copy today! You do not need a Kindle to read this. You can read on any kind of FREE app. High Intensity Interval Training HIIT is for Dummies "This is real weight loss motivation here folks. If you are someone who is looking to find your fitness and get on the road to better overall health, then this is an absolute must read before you decide to dive into any type of workout plan or program." High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short sure does sound cool and exciting am I right? "But is HIIT the optimal choice for everyone when it comes to finding their solution for burning off fat?" "This is why I wanted to write this book. I know that out in the real world where I choose to live, not everyone is healthy enough to even be contemplating adding in HIIT to their arsenal of workout tools when it comes to fat loss." There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to a persons body's ability to burn fat, that to just think that adding in a fresh new acronym to your workout routine will be like magic and make the body fat disappear is ridiculous and only setting a person up for ultimate failure. High Intensity Interval Training the FAD is just another marketing ploy that is hyped up to once again dupe the average everyday bandwagon jumper into believing that this acronym is somehow a cut above all of the rest of the other acronyms. So many people have been utilizing HIIT way before they even invented the hyped up fad, and have benefited from it tremendously. This is because these people fully understand how to utilize High Intensity into their training, and are also fit and healthy enough to reap its rewards. This is very serious business here. High Intensity anything is not something to just be taking lightly. A lot of people tend to get goo goo eyed over a cool phrase or acronym like High Intensity Interval Training and HIIT and forget what the actual meaning of it really is? Seriously, are you fit enough, to even be doing high intensity anything? Do you understand that it takes fuel in order to burn fuel, and a high intensity style of training will require you to more than likely take in more fuel than you are currently taking in. "Not only that, but you must know what fuel your own body needs to thrive on, and what fuel your body will need to recover from HIGH INTENSITY WORKOUTS." So many people get fixated on a fad that they tend to overlook all of the things that it actually takes in order to make a workout routine or plan do what it is supposed to do. And that is help YOU get healthier, not break your body down. When you read something that I have written you are getting a true honest opinion based on my own experiences and views. You arent getting a 10th grade science class book report ok. "I utilize HIIT or whatever you want to call it myself personally and have for decades actually. I get a tremendous benefit from it as do so many others." "I said I utilize it myself. I dont make a profit pushing the fad onto others who are in no way shape or form ready to be utilizing HIIT themselves. There is a big difference here, and I hope that you fully understand what I just said." I invite you to join me on yet another conversation. If you have never joined in on a conversation with me then just prepare to not be spoon fed anything, and dont expect to read a Wikipedia copy and paste job. Everyone is welcome to download this eBook version of this book as you dont even need a Kindle to read this. There are FREE apps you can get for your PC, phone, and tablets. I read on my cell phone app personally. "Carpe diem Dexter"

How To Build A Six-figure Personal Training Business

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If you are a passionate and knowledgeable personal trainer, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to generate a six-figure income and enjoy all the perks that the fitness industry has to offer. In 'How to Build a Six-Figure Personal Training Business', Dave Fletcher, one of the UK's best-known personal trainers and fat loss specialists, gives you the six-step formula that you need to achieve this. Using his own experiences as a highly successful PT, he shows you how to apply your business brain and transform your passion for health and fitness into an income worthy of a top city professional.

Strength Training For Beginners

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Using strength training as a fitness regime you're able to use resistance in order to not only make the skeletal muscles within your body stronger, but it also helps to increase their size and anaerobic endurance.

Concepts Of Fitness And Wellness

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High-impact Training Solutions

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Training and development professionals are faced with a host of responsibilities and goals that can be met only if they integrate the latest thinking in the field with their own experience and thereby develop a new arsenal of skills and knowledge. The contributors to this volume, all of whom have extensive professional, consulting, and/or research experience in the training field, thoroughly examine the leading training issues by speaking straightforwardly to the training practitioner. These issues include the strategic linkage of training to business objectives, the determination of training needs, transfer of training, training technologies, holistic training and development, and the multiple roles of the professional trainer. The contributors provide the training and development professional with pertinent frameworks, revealing examples and real-life cases, specific recommendations, and various application ideas. References are provided throughout to support key findings, to point the reader toward the most promising and relevant training research, and to provide a comprehensive resource base that would be a valuable addition to any trainer's personal library. In addition to external and internal training professionals, students and instructors of human resource management, instructional systems technology, and industrial/organizational psychology will benefit from the contributors' insights.


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